Research Fellows

Dr Carole Birkan-Berz (Senior Lecturer, Sorbonne Nouvelle), project leader, specialist in English poetry and translation

Dr Anne Marie Miller-Blaise (Senior Lecturer, Sorbonne Nouvelle), specialist in Early Modern English literature  and translation

Dr Guillaume Coatalen (Senior Lecturer, University of Cergy-Pontoise), specialist in Early Modern English literature

Dr Oriane Monthéard (Senior Lecturer, University of Rouen), specialist in English Romanticism

Dr Claire Hélie (Senior Lecturer, University of Lille), specialist in English and Irish poetry

Dr Jennifer Rushworth (Fellow, Oxford University), specialist of Petrarch’s sonnets and their French adaptations in the 19th century

Fanny Quément (PhD candidate, Sorbonne Nouvelle), specialist in Irish poetry, translator and webmaster at the origin and in charge of this wordpress

Dr Marion Naugrette-Fournier (Lecturer, University of Bourgogne), specialist in poetry, translator

Thomas Vuong (PhD candidate, University Paris 13), specialist in the contemporary sonnet in France, Germany, Italy, the UK and Ireland

Riccardo Raimondo (PhD candidate, University Paris-Diderot/ Sorbonne nouvelle), specialist of Petrarchism and translation

Dr Corinne Noirot (Assistant Professor of French, Virginia Tech, USA) specialist in Early Modern French poetry

Dr Julie Arsenault (Senior Lecturer, University of Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada), translation studies specialist

Joel Grossman (PhD candidate, Queen Mary, London), specialist in the English Renaissance

Dr Emilio Sciarrino (Sorbonne Nouvelle), specialist in Italian poetry and multilingualism

Katharine Peddie (PhD student, University of Kent), specialist in the English avant-garde sonnet and gender studies, poet and publisher


Steering committee

Pr David Duff, Queen Mary University of London, specialist in English Romanticism, with a specific interest in its forms and genres

Pr Cliona Ni Riordain, Sorbonne Nouvelle, specialist in Irish poetry and translation, with a specific interest in national identities

Pr Line Cottegnies, Sorbonne Nouvelle, specialist in early modern English poetry

Pr Claire Davison Pégon, Sorbonne Nouvelle, specialist in English modernism and translation, with an interest in comparative approaches

Pr Marc Porée, École Normale Supérieure de la rue d’Ulm, specialist in Romantic and contemporary British poetry

Pr Jean-Charles Vegliante, Sorbonne Nouvelle, specialist in Italian poetry and translation